Since the list of my artworks start to be longer and longer, I think I should write a Master list and before the laziness takes over me. XD

Me on facebook (a place for my Vietnamese friends and groups)
Me on (abandoned some time ago since most of my friends left it)
Me on deviantart (too busy to comeback for it daily like before)

My close group for posting my boy-love artworks

HD Vietnamese community on facebook (I working as an admin for this one)

Castle Of Myrth - Vietnamese H/D community

My top 10 best long fanfic for H/D

My top 20 best oneshot fanfic for H/D

[My Masterlist (click to open)]On going projects ( too many!!! :(( )

Untillte H/D doujinshi (rate: R)(traditional)(Harry,Draco)(Chapter 1 finished)

The Audition (rate: PG-13)(digital)(Ginny,Harry,Draco)

Doujinshi for "Let pretend the war is over" by pir8fancier (my style changed too much so I decied to redraw all of the sketches)

Doujinshi for "Worth the wait" by enchanted_jae (replotting)

Still water (rate: R)(mixed)(for hdcliche fest 2013)(Harry,Draco)(sketches finished)

Butterfly lover (rate: R)(mixed)(Harry,Draco)(half of sketches finished)*The plots originally for "Harry-Draco-Harry again"'s horror version will be used for this one*

I am you (rate:R)(traditional)(original for the H/D tropes fest 2013)(Harry,Draco)(half of sketches finished)

Valencio (rate: PG)(mixed)(original for Valentine's day 2013, will be finished for the Valentine's day 2014)(Harry,Draco)(sketches finished)*My very first sketches for H/D*

Finished projects

Visual novel

Greenhouse (rate: PG)(for hp_silencio fest 2013)(digital)(Ginny,Harry,Draco,Neville)(Thanks for digthewriter to write the wonderful remix: A Friendship Formed (In The Greenhouse) )


It's gonna be me (rate: R)(for harrydracompreg fest 2013)(digital)(Harry,Draco)


Harry-Draco-Harry again (rate: PG 13)(for the hd smoochfest 2013)(digital)(Harry, Draco) *My very first finished piece for H/D*
Thanks so much for edelau for translate this doujinshi to Spanish:Harry, Draco y otra vez Harry

I am my boyfriend (rate:R)(for the H/D tropes fest 2013)(spin-off of "I am you")(traditional)(Harry,Draco)

For life and pretending (rate:R)(for the hp_drizzle fest 2013)(traditional)(Harry, Draco, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus.S.Potter)

Your hand and his hair [Third year story] (rate:PG) (for the H/D fanart fest 2013) (Digital) (Harry,Draco)

Lucifer (rate:R) (for the H/D hurtfest 2014)(traditional) (Harry,Draco,mystery man)

Cross Patch (rate: NC-17) (for the H/D remix fest 2014)(traditional)(Harry,Draco) remixing slashedsilver 's Taking It (NC-17 | 1360 words

Unspoken Promise (rate: R) (for harrydracompreg fest 2014) (traditional) (Harry,Draco)

Wearing something tight (rate: R) ( for kink_n_squick Christmas fest 2013) (traditional) (Harry,Draco)

P.D.M.V (rate: R) (for Glompt fest 2013) (traditonal) (Harry,Draco)

Baby, I just need a little more time (rate: G) (traditional) (for HDfanart fest 2014) (Harry,Draco)

When Draco woke up and turned into a Veela (rate: G) (for bottomDraco fest 2015) (digital) (Harry, Draco)

The love of a wolf (rate: R)(for HP Horror fest 2015)(digital)(Harry,Draco,Greyback)

I want to quit (rate: PG)(Harry/Draco mpreg 2016)(digital)(Harry,Draco)

A secret that I don't want to tell you (rate: PG)(HD fanfair 2016) (traditonal) (Harry,Draco)


Testing new colors (rate: PG)(traditional)(Harry,Draco)

Butterfly lover single artwork (rate:R)(traditional)(for hp_owned fest 2013)(Harry,Draco)

De-age and a birthday cake (rate:PG)(traditional)(for kitty_fic birthday)(Harry,Draco)

Fluffy Halloween fest banner (rate:G)(digital)(for enchanted_jae)(Harry,Draco) (Thanks for dracogotgame for writing a cute short fic base on the scene I painted. :) )

HDfamily fest banner (rate: PG)(digital)(for hd-familyfest 2013)(Harry,Draco)

200 members on HD facebook page (rate: PG)(traditional)(Harry,Draco)

Cover for Drarry fanbook "Those year" 2014 (rate: PG)(traditional)(Harry,Draco)

Through Slitted Pupils (rate: PG-13)(traditional)(for hd darkart Christmas fest 2013) (Harry,Voldemort,Gregorovitch)

Birthday fanart for a friend in Vietnamese HD fandom (rate: R) (traditional) (Draco)

Fanart + Fanfic

The eyes (rate: PG) (traditional + digital) (for hd darkart Christmas fest 2013) (Harry,Draco)

Underwater (rate: G for the artwork and PG-13 for the dialog fanfic) (for hd book fair fest 2013) (traditional) (Harry,Draco)

The rebirth of an angel (rate: G) (for hd-erised fest 2016) (Harry, Draco)

WIPs Projects

Color pencil sketch 1 (rate: PG)(traditional sketch)(Harry,Draco)(unfinished)

When the snow fall (rate:PG-13)(digital)(Remus's POV)(3 scenes were sketched) *Sadly, I'm not really interested in this piece anymore so I don't have any plan to finish it soon*

Original artworks

*Coming up*

*Coming up*


On the blue rainy day (rate: PG)(digital painting)(finished)

Color pencil sketch 1 (rate: PG)(traditional sketch)(unfinished)

Testing new colors (rate: PG)(traditional art)(finished)

Horror pieces (rate: R)(traditional art and sketches)

The Moon (rate: PG13)(digital sketch)(unfinished)

All is well (rate: G)(digital painting)(finished)

Other fandoms

Last sunshine (rate: PG)(digital)(short doujinshi)(The Evil Within, Sebastian/Joseph)

Please tell me if I forgot anything or if the link doesn't work. :)
Please don't use any of my artworks without my permission or claim my artwork as your own.
Thanks for every beta who helped me with my fanworks and everyone who left reviews or befriended me. :D

Looking for bigger scanlation of a doujinshi

Hello, I'm searching for the bigger scanlation of this doujinshi:

This is the original size of the scanlation that I have, you can see it's very small and impossible for any translator to translate it. I sent it to few people but they all gave up on it.

If you have bigger scanlation of this doujinshi, please share! Or if you know where to buy a copy of it please tell me. I'll buy and re-scan it. If anyone can read small kanji lettering and want to help us translate this wonderful doujinshi, you're more than welcome.

Thank you very much.

Coming back to the fandom is harder than I thought

Well, I thought that after I moved to a new country and attend to a new school, I'd have more time than the time I prepare to move for the fandom. I'm soooo wrong about that. I'm hoping to come back to the fandom soon. However, manage the HarryDraco Vietnam fanclub and their translator groups is already so much work. I'm hoping to finish "The whore's rule" and begin a new doujinshi soon. I already have all of the sketches, but editing it into the comic will also waste a lot of time.

On side note, I'm starting to use Artflows app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy tab) to do some color sketches about people that I met. I'm still try to get use of it.

One classmate of mine. I can't speak nearly any Italian so it's hard to get friends in the class. She sat in front of me that day and I thought her hair was very nice. It gotten dark and a boy put the light on, the moment I had with her hair was destroyed. I still don't know her name.

A cute black girl, her parents were very nice, they took a picture of this picture by their phone. Her mother tried to do her hair better when they realise that I'm drawing her.

Two Arab girls (Muslim?). When their brothers realise I'm drawing their sisters, each of them stood up and tried to block my view.

A cute Russian boy, I think he was 15-18? I don't know. He was very nice to me. He tried to stay still so I can draw him, even when he's very curious about what I'm drawing. At first he asked me to send the image to his email, but then he took a picture of it with his phone. This one is the one I like best.

I went to Rome last weekend to met my friend there, and I sat in front of this guy on the train. He was quite handsome. I tried to make him not notice that I'm drawing him. We told each other names after we got off. He was the only one successfully gave me his email. I invited him to come with us to some places on the weekend but he said he couldn't. Oh well, busy man for ya. :))

Well, that's all for now.

Frankly, I feel quite lonely in this place. It's not the culture shock, I live in a house with other Vietnameses. However, I find that no one has the same interest with me, and one boy even is a homophobitch. I miss my home, and often try to cook Vietnamese food all the time. However, spagetty and pizza and fastfood are so much cheaper. I waste too much of money here. And I'm kind of lost.


My sunshine

Yesterday, when listening to “CLAIR DE LUNE”, I thought I should draw something for this couple. Very sorry for the bad hand writting. I got an what they call an artblock and couldn’t finish any art piece for a while. I hope this will break the ice for me. Thanks for youtubers’ theories about the game, I think I will draw a sequel for this one.
It's so hard to draw Seb. =_= I think I must practice more.
For who doesn't know, these characters are from the game "The evil within". Drarry spoiled me, I can no longer draw men of age 30+ :(
It seems that I will move to Canada (Toronto) in the end of August. I got a little worry since it'll be much colder than Vietnam. So manything need to be done. I also need large money to pay my school fee and plane ticket. I'm looking for a job in Vietnam first and the open for comission again. Busy busy busy.

This piece was also posted on my AO3:
And my tumblr:

Collapse )


Finished my tests.
Finished scaning my new artworks.
Begin to find new job and open for comission again.
More artworks and doujinshis are coming! XD

Spoiler for "The whore's rules" chapter 2. I wonder if anyone remember it. I hope that I could end this series at the end of this year. This is fairly an importand scene that will re-play in chapter 3. One of my friend already pointed out who was the one that cause the dissapear of Draco in the past so I guess I throw too many plots into this chapter. I'll release the new chapter this week so please look forward for it!

[Spoiler (click to open)]


New chibi

I plan to create a new event for the Vietnamese Harry/Draco fanclub. I only revealed my plan with other admins  for now, but most of them get excited with the idea. I hope I would pass the Ielts test and have more free time in this month. I do prefer  mature style, but drawing something cute chibi can be very fun. I'm thinking to use this artwork to create a banner for the event, but I'm very bad at designing. May be I'll ask my friend for help again. :))

P/S: Harry so f*cking hard to draw. :v

UPDATE (Harry/Draco fanclub offline party, Drarry uniform, Birthday gift fanart)

Well, first of all I joined the Harry/Draco fanclub offline party last month with other admin. The fanclub is for the top!Harry, bottom!Draco fans only. We had around 10 people and it turned out quite fun. Everybody had a good time. Too bad that someone couldn't make it because of their studies. After being badly treated by a group top!Dra, bottom!Harry, now I mostly working with my Harry/Draco fanclub alone. The top/bottom issue turns out very serious in Vietnam. Not only Drarry fandom, other fandoms also have issue about top & bottom. I had 1 or 2 stories about top!Draco and bottom!Harry in the past but some of my friends may feel uncomfortable ( and even betrayed), so I kept them to myself and almost forgot all of them. Beside, I don't like the idea people in that top!Draco group post and edit my artworks. They did so with my old artwork for last Halloween, and I don't want it to be repeated ever.

All of bad memories aside, I got permission from creambunny to use her artwork for the HD fanclub uniform. I really enjoy the T-shirt. :3 However it took me a lot of time to gather people who want to have the T-shirt.

This is me and two other admins. I stand on the left, the two others are new admins.

Collapse )

Fairy tale (Harry/Draco, Game of Throne AU)

Author/Artist LJ Name: nobunakira
Title: Fairy Tale
Prompt Number:T43
Prompter: thisgirl_is
Original Work Name: Game of Thrones
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Children, do you want to hear a story?
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Nothing
Epilogue compliant? (and if so, to what extent? Feel free to mention if you are disregarding JKR interview canon, etc.)
Word Count: 490, digital
Author's Notes: At first I wanted to draw something big like fighting with monster, Death eater, Dragons and all. But failed that and it took more time than I'd thought. I hope this one is still enough. :) Enjoy.

Link to the Smoochfest entry: Click here
Link to the AO3 entry: Click here

Since I can put more space in the AO3 entry, I prefer it to the Smoochfest entry. XD
There's still so manything to write about this story, maybe I will come back to it one day. For now, I have too many projects. :/


This is the first concept for the Nightwatch uniforms, but it made the boys looks fat so... I redraw everything. XD

I must say I really enjoyed drawing this Harry's hair style. The curly hair style I often draw is still good, it's just there're many other artists draw his hair curly nowadays so I'm trying to think up another hair style for him. XD

Vietnam - China and everything make my head spins

It's pretty troublesome time here. The news from the sea comes everyday. I wonder when it would stop.

The situation is very complicated, it's not only army power-play now, the losers from Vietnamese civil war come back to the motherland. They act as if they want the Chinese out of Vietnam by killing and attacking the Chinese companies. They just want Vietnam got weaker so they could defeat the government, they only think for themselves, not the country. They act like punks and dirty scums everywhere they go. Thanks to them, the Asian countries are no longer safe for Vietnamese anymore. Those fucker are worse than scum. I wish they would go to hell.

Even people say that the war wouldn't broke, but I still feel uneasy.


Drarry fanbook - Those years

I'm late for every deadline on the fests!!! :((
This month is not a lucky one for me, my computer got virus attacked, my youtube chanel got report and was shut down, my Drarry fanpage on the wordpress was reported, etc... Luckily, most of the problem was solved except my youtube chanel. :(
The Japanese classes became a bit much. I'm very worried.

On the bright-sight, the  Drarry fanbook of my friend was printed and start taking order! And the cover was drew by me, colored by one of my best friends! XD

I plan to have my own Drarry fanbook be printed in the April. It'll have some doujinshi and fanfics written by me and one of my friends in Vietnamese Drarry fandom.

Sadly, all of them will be written in Vietnamese. Maybe if I have enough time, I can make a translated note for them so people outside of the country will still understand. :D

Back to the "Those years" fanbook,

The sketches:

This is my first sketch, the one I put all of my idea into. It's the most detail and complicated. Sadly, the main author didn't as interested in it as myself.

This is the 2nd sketch, I like this one a lot. It have a good point of view in my opinion. However, I lost sometime to have the main author agreed with using it.

This is the 3rd sketch, the last one. It brings a calm feeling, easy to draw. But the problem is it was too simple. Nothing new with it. The main author liked it pretty much but I, on the other hand, really didn't want to use it at all! I was really happy when the main author choose the 2nd piece instead of this one.

Finished artwork:

I only did the sketching + inking. My best friend did all the hard job: coloring. She's good, I have to tell you. Even she isn't into the HP or Drarry fandom but she was more than willing to help me.


Only one thing that make me and my friends angry that the cover designer put our shop's logo at the center of the fanbook's cover. But overall, the fanbook looks great. Can't wait 'til they give me my copy. I'm not into Vietnamese fanfics that much but it always nice to have another book on my bookself.

I'll write my own preview when I get my hand on it. XD